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Tyson Fury: after Francis Ngannou, who next?

WBC heavyweight boxing champion, Tyson Fury has revealed his next opponent after Francis Ngannou. This came following his father, John Fury’s recent loud wish that he wanted Fury to fight Jon Jones, the UFC heavyweight champion in the octagon.


Tyson Fury has had a hard time this year landing fighting engagements. Many say he overprices himself, making it seem like his opponents have little spectacle or action to bring to the table. His team could not land a deal with Usyk’s team, nor does it seem that anyone would be willing to fight him in the near future, because of problems concerning wh- gets-what.

Not long ago, UFC superstar Francis Ngannou provided him an escape from the fight drought, by challenging him in a crossover, professional boxing competition. A fight Ngannou employed legendary pugilist, Mike Tyson to train him for.

Fury’s Father, John Fury could not let Fury meet Ngannou in the boxing ring before wishing aloud that he wanted his son to fight Jon Jones in the octagon under UFC rules. It was so easy to wonder whether he discussed this with his son beforehand, because Tyson Fury already boasted he would beat Ngannou both in the ring and in the octagon. Such a rematch seems very likely, since it would not hinder any of both from an important competition.

‘Jon Jones is on my radar,’ said Fury. ‘I’d like to fight Jon Jones next.’

While his father had said, ‘I know my son, he can get it the Hectogon [Octagon] with anybody. If you let Tyson kick and punch you and do all of them things to you, which I think should be allowed in this fight [with Ngannou], I’d say let Ngannou do his s**t and let Tyson do his s**t, and have a free-for-all, let the best man walk out of it.’

The old man even said.

‘I don’t want to see a boxing match, I want to see both men in an all-in battle royale, and let the best man stand up at the end of it with his hands in the air and say that he is the hardest man and the baddest man on the planet.”

‘That’d be my plan [to fight Jon Jones]. I can’t speak for Tyson, I’m not his business advisor, I’m not his manager, I’m not his trainer, I’m just his father, but that is what I would want to see.’

So, unless Tyson Fury becomes too concerned with money and stops the negotiation, we might have to expect both to fight next year!

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