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What Lionel Messi’s serious injury means for hopeful Inter Miami

During the match against Toronto on Wednesday, Argentine player, Lionel Messi was removed from the pitch in the 37th minute of the first half. His coach, Tata Martino shed more light on the seriousness of the injury and how much time the lineal-GOAT might need for total recovery.


Lionel Messi’s absence in the recent match Inter Miami had with Atlanta was blamed by some for the 5-2 loss that followed. He was not in a condition to play, allegedly because of muscle fatigue. After the player could play no longer yesterday, and was replaced with another player in the climax of the first half, coach Tata Martino had to tell fans what was really happening.

According to Martinez, the player is suffering from the leftovers of an old injury, which was the reason his country gave him a break. Messi might have known how serious the injury was, but wanted to appear for the benefits of his fans and club. It is not a hidden thing that many pay for tickets only to watch the player perform, and that the worth of the club increased since he signed up with them.

Tata Martinez said the player would likely miss the next match the team has before them. A match with Orlando City. This comes in the same period when another useful player at Inter Miami, Jordi Alba’s hamstring is in no condition for a professional match. With both of them missing, there is a massive fear of decline in the standing of the club on the points chart – something the club is in a frenzy to avoid, after the last deadly 5-2 blow by Atlanta.

Though Inter Milan succeeded in beating Toronto FC 4-0 yesterday, the victory could be attributed to Messi’s psychological support on and off the pitch.

Here is what Tata Martino said about Messi’s future matches. ‘In principle, it’s a scar from an old injury that’s bothering him. The image brought with him from Argentina, there was no muscular injury. We also preserved him [against Atlanta], because of that scar. I think it’s exactly the same thing, it’s not a muscular injury. But I’m saying that more than anything because of a talk I had with him. … Maybe we need to be more cautious than what I’m saying.’

Concerning whether Jordi Alba and Messi can be pulled out of the bed for the final match, Martino said it was not going to happen. ‘I know we have a final,’ he announced. ‘But in no way will they step on the field if they’re not in conditions to do so.’

Lionel Messi did not even appear for the Atlanta match, because of his enigmatic injury, deciding to wait it out while eating a controversial pizza. A pizza that got him backlash from trolling fans of Atlanta.

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