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Atlas calls Tyson Fury ‘The Face Of Boxing’

Atlas thinks Tyson Fury is 'The Face Of Boxing'
Atlas thinks Tyson Fury is 'The Face Of Boxing'

American boxing trainer and commentator, Teddy Atlas recently called Tyson Fury the face of boxing, but fans and pundits might disagree.


The face of boxing refers to being the most recognisable and influential figure in the sport on a global level. It signifies that the person is not only a skilled and successful boxer but also possesses a significant impact on the popularity and perception of boxing. Such a person captures the attention of fans, media, and sponsors, and often becomes a symbol or representative of the sport as a whole. It is a title given to individuals who have achieved a high level of fame, success, and influence within the boxing world.

Now Tyson Fury has at least sixty percent of these qualifications, some would agree. His refusal to duel with Olexandr Usyk and several others in the heavyweight division has not been savoury to boxing fans, who instead of seeing him make deals with fellow boxers, watch helplessly as he chases money and some fame that transcends the boxing world. Many think he presently cares only about what he would earn from a match and being named the best fighter in the world.

Tyson Fury intends to fight Francis Ngannou within UFC rules, after fighting him in a professional boxing match. Fury plans to fight UFC superstar Joe Joyce in the octagon after that. WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury revealed this in the wake of bad and belittling statements he directed at Olexandr Usyk, Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder, his greatest heavyweight contemporaries.

Fury’s fame in boxing is hinged on two things: his famous struggle with bipolar disorder and the fact that he has never lost his belt. The fight Tyson Fury lost when he returned to boxing was as a contender for the WBC belt, not as a champion. Since then, the fighter’s fame has spread because of the survivor figure he became to those struggling with drug abuse, alcoholism, and deadly mental-health situations.

Tyson Fury's survivor's image makes him special in th sport

Tyson Fury’s survivor’s image makes him special in the sport

According to Atlas, ‘Fury is, and I know some people will probably get mad when I say this, you could argue he’s the face of boxing right now. He’s the heavyweight champ, he’s the most vocal guy and he’s the best self promoter in the game. It’s almost impossible not to see or hear something about him, so how are you going to get rid of a guy that is really the star, in many ways, of your franchise? There’s a lot of issues there. I would love to see him fight more – I would love to see him in more competitive fights.’

To be The Face Of Boxing, one should have the support of the most fans, and be a representative of what boxing stands for. Many will agree Tyson Fury still has a few things more to do, if he wants this title.

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