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Travis Scott says “Utopia” was supposed to be more musical than it turned out

Famous American rapper, singer and songwriter, Travis Scott has revealed that the outcome of his latest “Utopia” album was not actually what he intended.


Scott disclosed this in a recent interview with GQ, where he stated his desire to write a musical.

According to the rapper, he had thought that UTOPIA would be the pathway to that desire and stated that he even went as far as meeting with playwright, Jeremy O. Harris to try to make it happen.

But he said unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Scott said, “I wanted the album to be a play. I was trying to take Broadway — because the thing about Broadway theaters, they’re kind of small — I was trying to bring the idea of Broadway to bigger venues. Like, either, like, plays in stadiums or plays in arenas, but still make it feel like a Broadway bill.”

Speaking about his meeting with Jeremy, the rapper said, “I love Jeremy O. Harris. He’s amazing. We were exploring all these different ideas. I met with him. I met with a couple of different people. We just talked about the idea of it happening. I was still trying to figure it out,”

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