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“Mohbad’s Autopsy is completed, we await results” – Lagos State Police Department

Hours after the exhumation of the deceased body of the Nigerian highly adored singer, Mohbad, the police department announced that they had completed his autopsy.


Since the sudden death of Mohbad hit the global phase of information, concerned civilians have since then strived for possible justice ever since they learned that he was allegedly bullied to death.

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This led to a thorough investigation which even swerved to the current phase of Autopsy completed tonight as confirmed by the Lagos State Police Department.

However, the Lagos State Police Department is yet to deploy the results to the notice of grieving Nigerians which they await and hopefully wish to explore anytime soon.

In their official statement, they stated;

“The Nigeria Police Force wishes to inform the public that the autopsy procedure for Mr. Mohbad has been successfully completed. Further information will be provided as soon as the results are available.”

Mohbad’s death is linked to an enormous number of controversies which will vastly rely on the current completed autopsy to judge from.

Nigerians has taken to all their social media handle to react to the saga according to their feelings.

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