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Andrew Tate under fire as four women accuse him of s*xual abuse

Andrew Tate in custody
Andrew Tate in custody

Four women have filed a fresh case against former-kickboxer Andrew Tate, accusing him of crimes bordering on s*xual abuse.


Two women accused sportsman Andrew Tate of rape and choking between 2013 and 2016, pointing to sexual abuse. Tate’s controversial views on society, particularly women, have been criticized by media and organizations. The controversies have sparked widespread outrage and calls for accountability, with many demanding Tate face legal consequences and platforms to disassociate themselves.

During an interview he featured in, a woman interviewer alleged that both schools and the police were afraid of the adverse effects his teachings on manhood are having on boys. There were also news that many consider his views to be misogynistic and approving of r*pe.

Andrew Tate denied all the charges brought against him in the UK, and would later point out that the fact that investigations by by officials did not bring to light anything that proved him guilty, showed he was only being targeted by malicious persons.

Amid the opposition he kept facing in the UK while the cases against him were still being investigated by the Crown Prosecution Service, he left for Romania. But he was arrested in Romania in December 2022.

In government custody

He is now facing charges of human trafficking and r*pe in Romania. The four women suing him in the UK is a different case. The kickboxer once threatened to sue his accusers for defamation, alleging they were damaging his social image and causing him to spend a lot of money.

Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate his brother were recently released from house arrest in Romania, ahead of their trial in Romania, after being charged of r*pe and human trafficking in the country.

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